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4 steps to a digital transformation

Organisations that go through a successful digital transformation, have a competitive advantage against their competitors
We help organisations with making their digital transformation successful
  • step 1: develop a digital strategy

    Create a set of measurable information strategies.

  • step 2: design the information architecture

    Make information better findable, relevant and accessible.

  • step 3: Define the information governance

    Describe policies and ownership to facilitate the digital transformation.

  • step 4: Choose the right tooling

    Translate the needs into requirements and pick the right tool

TIMAF EIM Best Practices TIMAF EIM Best Practices

Collection of 19 information management best practices, from Harvard Business School, HP, Microsoft, KPN, Motorola, Wienerberger, World Bank and 12 other organisations. Each best practices described the roles, the steps and the end result. “This book will make your projects better.”

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