Information Management Best Practices – Volume 1

‘ TIMAF Information Management Best Practices – Volume 1’ is a compilation of high quality best practices guidance, written for and by information management experts from around the world. It is packed full of useful knowledge, views, and guidelines that will help professionals overcome the information challenges of their organizations. It brings complex models down to earth, with practical, step-by-step guidance on the most important problems.

Best Practices - Volume 1

‘TIMAF Information Management Best Practices – Volume 1’ eBook for only $ 15,-

Buy the TIMAF BP eBook now!
Buy the eBook now!

Six reasons why you should buy this book

One – Covers the whole spectrum of information management including data management, business intelligence, knowledge management, records management, document management, asset management, and both web and enterprise content management.

Two – Provides best practices from acknowledged experts with case studies from global companies, governements, and non profit organizations worldwide.

Three – Presents clear, compelling problems and step-by-step solutions.

Four – Outlines the skills you need to accomplish each best practice.

Five – Learn from  Canadian Department of National Defence, Essex County Council, Dublin Core Initiative, Harvard Business School, Hewlett-Packard, KPN Getronics, Microsoft, Motorola, Washington University, Wienerberger, World Bank, and other organizations.

Six – Must read for managers and practitioners in information management.

Experts about this Best Practices edition

“Regardless of the kind of information you need to manage, this book will make your projects better.”

Bob Boiko, Washington University

“The TIMAF organization proves its dedication to raising the bar for information management practitioners everywhere. It has assembled the best thought leaders in the field to share insights from case studies which are both actionable and universally relevant. Even the most experienced IM professionals will learn something new with each turn of the page.”

Scott Liewehr, President CM Professionals

“It is, quite frankly, the best collection of case studies and solutions I’ve run across and will be an invaluable resource for our readers. The reports are solid, practical and real-world examples of how to do things right.”

Hugh McKellar, Editor in Chief KM World Magazine

Best Practices – Volume 1 Content

TIMAF ‘Information Management Best Practices – Volume 1’ presents 19 best practices.

  1. Creating a Desired IM State – Understand, rationalize and take control of the state of information management in your organization • By: Boiko, Bob & Mary Lee Kennedy
  2. Building a Distributed Metadata Standards Organization – Technical and Organizational Lessons in Information Management from the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative • By: Crandall, Michael
  3. Building and Maintaining a Knowledge Transfer Toolkit – Transferring detailed, technical knowledge from one part of an organization to a non-technical audience • By: De La Rue, Keith
  4. Do Standards in Content Technologies Matter? – How to choose when and if to use standards • By: Durga, Apoorv
  5. Coordinating Enterprise Information Management Investments – Battling Organizational Entropy with Flexible Information Management Standards • By: Gollner, Joe
  6. Creating a Product Information Strategy for your Corporate Website – Managing Product Information in an International and Decentralized Web Environment • By: Grünauer Volker & Drazen Djukic
  7. Enhancing Unity and Creativity With an Internal Social Media Platform – How Using Social Media Can Help Strengthen Your Organization • By: Haan, Peter
  8. Creating a Web Analytics Strategy for Your Organization – How to Build a Web Analytics Plan and Roadmap • By: Kemelor, Phil
  9. Managing Media Creation to Meet Business Requirements – Using Videos to Enhance a Software Product • By: Larkin, Jim & Bill Birney
  10. Integrating Taxonomy and Content Management – Dynamic Content Through Taxonomy • By: Lemieux, Stephanie & Seth Earley & Charlie Gray
  11. Revolutionizing Product Content – Using Social Content and Media to Revitalize Prodoct Documentation • By: Myers, Kelley
  12. Creating Clear Governance – How to enable good decision making in complex organizations • By: Oakes, Graham
  13. Auditing Your Information Management Practices – How to Make Information Auditing Part 4. of Your Repertoire for Strategic Information Management • By: Orna, Liz & Jane Jennings
  14. How to Successfully Procure Information Management Technology – And not End Up With a Lemon • By: Pelz-Sharpe, Alan
  15. Streamlining Your Path to Metadata – Develop a Metadata Strategy in Eight Steps • By: Swart, Stacey & Charlotte Robidoux
  16. Managing Content – An Intelligent Content Strategy • By: Rockley, Ann
  17. Managing Information: From Reluctance to Acceptance – How to get users to use an information management system • By: Vednere, Ganesh
  18. Gathering Information Requirements – Using semi-structured ethnographic interviews to determine user information requirements • By: White, Martin
  19. Governing Data Management – Creating a Constitutional Democracy for Data Management • By: Yock, Bill

Best Practices - Volume 1

‘TIMAF Information Management Best Practices – Volume 1’ eBook for only $ 15,-

Buy the TIMAF BP eBook now!
Buy the eBook now!

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